Demo July 2012


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released August 1, 2012


tags: punk Vancouver


all rights reserved


FLAGPOLERS Vancouver, British Columbia

Mick - bass/vox
Gary - guitar/vox
Rob- guitar
James - drums

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Track Name: Retentioncon
I'm at square one
in a job i said i'd never do again
it's like I was time punched
some things similar alot very different
this was not my intention
I planned to escape to work that betters me
this isn't retention this is retroactive continuity

Talking to bastards
isn't quite the craic that it's cracked up to be
taking the blame while standing rigid behind corporate policy
somebodies listening if i lose it they'll have evidence on me
and when they catch me i'll blame retroactive continuity
somethings not right here
someone must've wrote this in to mess with me
is this my life or is this retroactive continuity
Track Name: Mosnia
I got a brazzer, we rode on the waltzers
I bought a quarter, I squandered my nineteen pound
I rode a dragon, I flew through the water
I entered the darkness and found myself underground
Every day, I get a sausage egg and chip
And then I ride the ghost train
On replay, thought I was going on my holidays
But then they made me stay

I came to seek asylum, fun and coca cola slidin’
Now I’m 25 to life’n status pending
All I want to be is useful to make a fucking contribution
Not to sit in luxury prison

I was a scholar or maybe a doctor
Now I sniff poppers and watch the young hoppers
I drank a flagon of whiskey and water
Then lay with the others like lambs to the slaughter

I came to seek asylum, fuck a racist taxi driver
Brother can you spare a fiver? This aint living
All I want to be is useful to make a fucking contribution
Now heroin and prostitution keep my ticking
Track Name: Keep Quiet
Some time has passed on this my endless vacation
though my terms of endearment are still lost in translation
dark humor and sarcasm may alienate Canadians
they wouldn’t last a minute at my families dinner table

we say fuck you i love you will you pass your inability
to do anything properly that’s what I call camaraderie
call it as we see it brutal honesty no censorship
I feel it makes us stronger though it may be to our detriment
intimacy and openness come second to our biting wit
I guess I'll just keep quiet while I'm here
Track Name: Sketch the Barber
this is a stick up now empty your pockets
there's no way to stop it just sit back and lose while they win
lost in the comfort of former successes
we struggle to wake up delusions of grandeur set in
what a rip

sketch the barber the countries sinking
get to the lifeboats or drown in the empty abyss
I know most will accept the latter
a people complacent content to go down with the ship
get a grip

sketch the barber the countries sinking
if you're not leaving at least do something
forgive them father what were they thinking?
they outgrew their britches and you're non-existent

shoddy foundations and wreckless decisions
bent politicians protect their own interests
we're in shit